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How Codemagic Helps Listo Reduce Pipeline Management by 80%

How Codemagic Helps Listo Reduce Pipeline Management by 80%

Dec 3, 2019

“I was confident that this tool would fit perfectly for my firm’s needs.” – Arthur Watier, Listo developer


Listo is an application that allows managers and bookkeepers to automate the production of payroll. The application was founded by three entrepreneurs, who desired to simplify it using a social process that was easy for entrepreneurs and SMEs to use.

Listo’s Journey to Flutter

Listo team currently utilises React and Redux browser versions to allow employers to manage employees. Listo’s backend API is a composite of multiple microservices using Symfony and Jhipster. They run their pipelines via GitLab and host their own runners.

Plus, Listo relies on efficient pipelines since they process them at least five times per day on Gitlab. It takes about forty minutes per pipeline to accomplish this task. As a result of time being their mark of efficiency, the Listo development team was tasked with finding a better solution when developing client-side applications.

After a positive past experience with Flutter and Codemagic, they saw an opportunity to replicate their success when setting up a new project. Their client needed employee access side of the Listo application. The developers at Listo needed pipelines for testing and deployment with secure code upon which they could rely. More specifically, they wanted to integrate pipelines into their current process using Gitlab.

Their previous experience also reduced the learning curve when tackling a more significant project. The team was familiar with Flutter’s programming language, Dart. Arthur explains further,

“Dart is quite familiar for Java, and JS developers. For this part, I’d say anyone with some JS experience can use Dart after a short intro. The Flutter framework is well documented and easy to set up.”

Need for scalable code without detracting from productivity

As a result of Listo’s customers needing an interface for their employees to facilitate data sharing automation, they decided to make a more significant commitment to Codemagic and Flutter. Time was the biggest problem Listo was facing when determining which solution was right for them. They need a CI/CD tool that produced clean, scalable code without detracting from productivity.

Their team was currently spending up to ten days per month on managing pipelines alone, which was costing them significant time and money.

Listo also needed a GitHub slack solution that worked seamlessly with their CI/CD for Flutter integration. It is for these reasons that Listo circled back to Codemagic.

Let CI/CD take care of maintaining and updating pipelines

Since Listo already had prior knowledge and experience with Codemagic, they were satisfied with the platform and didn’t have to look for another provider to facilitate this project. Arthur already knew that Codemagic’s connection with GitHub products was the right fit for Listo’s needs. Arthur states,

“The GitLab connector and the preset Flutter testing was just awesome! That made my project way more entertaining, and I was able to deliver faster than ever.”

Codemagic offered Listo the ability to leverage Git-based repositories that offer full- integration capabilities and robust support for their needs. It also comes with speed emulators that feature hardware acceleration, which further made Codemagic a perfect fit for Listo.

80% less time spent on managing pipelines

The results of Codemagic for Flutter were astonishing, and the numbers do not lie. Listo was able to cut their time for running pipelines by fifty per cent. In addition to running pipelines, they were also able to cut down on the time required to manage them.

Listo went from spending ten days per month managing this process and cut it down to two. That means that they are spending eighty per cent less time on managing pipelines alone. They also applauded Codemagic for its ability to set up projects.

“The set up was awesome! It was click and play! The new features and features requests are well planned, and we feel good working with them.”

As you can see, Codemagic CI/CD for Flutter produced measurable results for Listo in a way that solved their problems and exceeded every expectation.

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