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Codemagic launches a new billing model

Codemagic launches a new billing model

Jun 1, 2020

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We are happy to announce that we have launched a new improved billing model that offers a more consistent billing experience along with premium features, such as Mac Pro builds.

What changed?

First things first: We are not changing the rates and are keeping the free plan! We will continue to offer everything included in the current free tier. All users will get 500 Mac mini build minutes and 2 seats in a team for free every month.

The most significant change we’re introducing has to do with how we bill our users. We’re moving from a pre-paid model to a post-paid billing model which will give you flexibility to adapt to changing business needs without having to commit to a plan that’s not scalable.

In practice, this means that you can use as many build minutes or invite as many team members as you require and get billed based on usage. All you have to do to start using the new billing model is enable billing in your User settings for your personal account or in your Team settings for team apps. Your usage may remain within the limits of the free plan and in that case you don’t have to pay anything, but once you enable billing, you can easily take advantage of extra build minutes without having to buy them up front.

Another benefit of the new billing model is related to invoicing. We’re not billing you for every transaction you make but your monthly expenses are added up and you will get billed once at the end of the subscription period. This means you’ll receive one invoice per month instead of an invoice every time you buy minutes or when your team seats payment is due, making handling invoices a lot easier for accounting.

There is also a real treat involved! We are making Mac Pro build machines available for everyone, so you can speed up your CI/CD process with more powerful hardware and faster build times. Check out the specs of our Mac build machines here. If you have enabled billing, you can select to build on Mac Pro in your workflow settings, see our documentation for more information.

You can find all the details about prices on our pricing page.

Who wins from this?

Our new billing model comes with flexibility that makes it suitable for everyone from hobby developers and freelancers to startups and agencies. It allows you to use all the features we have to offer in the amount that suits your needs. Depending on your requirements, you may be satisfied with our free package, but if you need more build time, more powerful build machines for faster results or more team seats, you can now easily scale without having to go through sales. If you temporarily need to put a project on hold, there’s no need to pay for a subscription just to keep your configuration alive; you can easily pick up where you left off when you resume work.

The new billing model will apply by default to all users signing up after 1st of June, 2020, and also to users who signed up before that date but have not purchased any build minutes or team seats. Existing users that have paid build minutes or team seats available can choose to continue to use our legacy model for the time being or migrate to the new model to enjoy its benefits. Look here for more details on how to migrate.

Upcoming features

Switching to the new billing model allows us to extend our service with new features. We have already made Mac Pro machines available for the entire user pool, soon we will add Linux instances for faster Android builds as well, so you can further optimize your workflows. We are also going to add the option to buy extra concurrency for teams that require parallel builds. Another set of upcoming improvements is related to giving users more control over their billing information, which includes adding company details and VAT information on the invoice. All the while, we haven’t lost track of our most important goal: to provide a powerful, stable and easily customizable CI/CD service for your Flutter and native apps.

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