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Deep Dish Swift 2023: What To Look Forward To?

Deep Dish Swift 2023: What To Look Forward To?

Apr 21, 2023

This article is written by Rudrank Riyam

Short Deep Dish Swift 2023 FAQ

  • When: April 30, May 1st, and May 2nd, 2023.
  • Where: Loews Chicago O’Hare Hotel in Rosemont, Illinois, United States.
  • What: Deep Dish Swift is a new inclusive developer conference in Chicago founded by Josh Holtz, with a half-day indie dev talks on April 30th and a single-track of Swift and iOS development talks from May 1st to May 2nd, 2023.
  • Why: Visit Deep Dish Swift to meet and learn from diverse speakers, connect with developers of all levels and backgrounds, and experience the vibrant city of Chicago.

Deep Dish Swift is a brand new unique, and inclusive Chicago conference for developers featuring indie development talks, Swift, and iOS sessions.

Also, Codemagic is a proud Supreme Sponsor of Deep Dish Swift, so come over to our booth to meet Martin and Rudrank, chat about anything you’d like, and get some awesome swag!

Please note that I have taken the liberty to interpret and add descriptions to each talk based on my understanding. This will hopefully provide you with a clearer picture of the topics covered and the insights that maybe shared by the speakers at this fantastic event. Enjoy the read!

Let’s preview what to expect at Deep Dish Swift 2023! Check out the schedule, discover the standout talks, meet the speakers, and build some excitement for deep-dish pizzas! 🍕

Slices: The Deep Dish Swift Podcast

Before diving into the sessions, it’s worth mentioning that Deep Dish has its own podcast called as Slices. Listen to Slices: The Deep Dish Swift Podcast by Kai Dombrowski and Malin Sundberg for exclusive insights and behind-the-scenes stories from conference organizers and speakers. Watch for an upcoming episode featuring Rudrank, our Developer Relations Engineer!

Day 1: Indie Dev Track

Deep Dish Swift kicks off on April 30th with an Indie Dev Track, featuring inspiring talks from indie developers on developing and growing successful indie apps.

Registration opens at 11:00 am at the conference venue in Chicago, and you join Josh, the conference organizer, for the event introduction, followed by five amazing talks.

Malin Sundberg and Kai Dombrowski: Indie Dev Talk (Working Title)

Malin Sundberg and Kai Dombrowski share valuable insights into the world of indie app development and the challenges they faced while creating their successful indie apps. While the title is difficult to decipher, we leave it to you to make the most of the session!

Curtis Herbert: SUBS 301 - Mastering Subscription Success

Curtis Herbert created Slopes, a popular skiing and snowboarding app. In his talk, Curtis will delve into the intricacies of mastering subscription-based business models and hopefully share the secrets behind his app’s success.

Rudrank Riyam: Build Fast, Ship Faster: CI/CD for Indies

Our developer relations engineer, Rudrank Riyam, will guide you through the world of Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) for indie developers. Discover how you can streamline your development process and ship your apps faster than ever before!

Emmanuel Crouvisier: Going Full Indie: From side project to best job you’ve ever had

Emmanuel Crouvisier, the creator of CardPointers, will share his journey of turning a side project into a full-time indie developer career. Experience his journey of transitioning from a traditional job to the best position he’s ever had, an indie developer.

Ariel Michaeli: App Store Optimization for Indies

Ariel Michaeli, the co-founder of Appfigures, will dive into the importance of App Store Optimization (ASO) for indie developers. Learn strategies to make your app stand out in the crowded App Store and increase your chances of success!

Day 2: Main Track

The next two days dive into an incredible lineup of talks. From beginner to advanced topics, these presentations will cover various subjects and techniques, providing invaluable insights and knowledge.

The second day (1st of May) starts at 7:30 am with breakfast, followed by a series of engaging Swift talks.

Keynote Speaker - Peter Steinberger

Peter Steinberger founded PSPDFKit, a renowned PDF framework for iOS, Android, and the Web. In this exciting keynote, Peter will share his journey and experiences in the tech industry, providing inspiration and valuable insights to set the stage for the main track speakers.

Danijela Vrzan: Algorithms - Where No Developer Wants To Go

Danijela Vrzan from theScore will demystify the world of algorithms and offer practical advice on understanding and implementing them in your iOS projects. Working with algorithms is not something that you may enjoy as an iOS developer, so we are looking forward to Danijela’s approach on this one!

Ben Scheirman: Modular Architecture with Swift

Ben Scheirman from Nike explores the benefits and best practices of implementing modular architecture in your Swift projects, leading to more maintainable and scalable code.

Via Fairchild: What is Mentorship and Why You’re Ready to Be a Mentor

Via Fairchild will explore the concept of mentorship, its importance, and how to become a mentor. We hope that this talk empowers you to share your knowledge and experience with others and help them grow in their careers!

Marc Aupont: Unlocking the Power of Swift Playgrounds: Creating Engaging Learning Experiences

Marc Aupont will dive into Swift Playgrounds, showcasing how to create interactive and engaging learning experiences. This talk will provide valuable tips on leveraging Swift Playgrounds for teaching, learning, and collaboration.

Vui Nguyen: Make Porting Custom SwiftUI Design Elements Easy With Swift Packages

Vui Nguyen shares her expertise on using Swift Packages to streamline the process of porting custom SwiftUI design elements, making it easy to reuse and share your code across projects.

Launched Live with Charlie Chapman and Jacob Eiting

Join Charlie Chapman and Jacob Eiting, CEO of RevenueCat, for an engaging live episode of the Launched podcast. The hosts will discuss app development, share their experiences, and delve into the world of app monetization with Jacob’s expertise from RevenueCat.

Day 3: Main Track

The third day (2nd of May) has an exciting lineup of speakers covering various topics, techniques, and tools to enrich your knowledge and skills. It again starts at 7:30 am with breakfast, finishing at 6:00 pm with the closing words.

Tunde Adegoroye: My NavStack brings all the boys to the yard

Tunde Adegoroye from Bally’s Interactive talks about building elegant navigation stacks in your iOS apps, improving both usability and user experience.

Ellen Shapiro: Server-Side Swift And GraphQL - A Match Made in Heaven or Hell?

Ellen Shapiro will delve into the world of server-side Swift and GraphQL, discussing the advantages, challenges, and best practices for integrating these powerful technologies.

Zach Brass: DeckUI: Coding your next presentation… in Swift?

Zach Brass will showcase DeckUI, an innovative approach to creating Swift presentations. Learn how to leverage your Swift skills to build engaging and interactive presentations, taking your presentations to the next level.

Vince Davis: Live Activities and Dynamic Island 🏝️ Made Simple

Vince Davis will guide you through creating live activities and dynamic islands in your iOS apps, simplifying the process and enhancing your app’s user experience.

Mikaela Caron: 13 Tips to Write Code like a Swiftie

Mikaela Caron of Lickability will share 13 valuable tips and best practices for writing clean, efficient, and idiomatic Swift code, helping you become a more effective and productive developer.

Simon B. Støvring: Documenting Your Project With DocC

Simon B. Støvring from Shape | Indie developer of Runestone, Scriptable, and more will discuss the benefits and best practices of using DocC to document your Swift projects, improving maintainability and collaboration.

Ben Proothi: Machine Learning in Swift: Practical, Trendy, or Both?

Ben Proothi will discuss the current state of Machine Learning in Swift, exploring whether it’s a practical tool or a trendy topic. In this talk, Ben will share examples, use cases, and best practices to help you understand the potential and limitations of Machine Learning in the Swift ecosystem.

Paul Hudson: Closing Keynote

Paul Hudson, an influential voice in the Swift community and the creator of Hacking with Swift, joins us for the event’s closing keynote.

We are hoping that Paul shares his thoughts on the future of Swift, iOS development, and the community while reflecting on the highlights and learnings from the conference.

Conclusions: A Memorable Experience Awaits

With only 9 days left until this pizza-driven event, we are excited about the valuable insights, inspiration, and connections that await you. With a diverse range of talks and interactive sessions, there’s no doubt that you’ll be able to apply what you will learn to your projects and professional growth. We look forward to you joining the conference and participating in this amazing experience!

If you are going to Deep Dish, let us know by mentioning @codemagicio on Twitter!

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