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Distributing Android and iOS beta builds with Testmagic
Some content in this post might be outdated. It was written before Codemagic became from a Flutter CI/CD to a CI/CD for all mobile app platforms after introducing codemagic.yaml.
Read more about using this configuration file for building your Android, iOS, Flutter, React Native, Ionic and Cordova apps with Codemagic CI/CD here.

Distributing Android and iOS beta builds with Testmagic

Apr 3, 2019

We have good news, Testmagic just got even better! You can now distribute your Android & iOS beta builds to anyone you like and anyway you want by sending them a link. It’s an easy way to engage testers or have your clients preview the app. Read more for a quick overview of Testmagic and our latest build sharing feature.

What is Testmagic

Testmagic is a free and simple mobile app for testing and distributing Android and iOS beta builds. In its beta stage, it’s fully integrated with Codemagic, a free continuous integration and continuous delivery service for Flutter apps. Once you install Testmagic on your device and connect it with your Codemagic account, you will have all the builds you run on Codemagic readily available on your device for download and distribution. You’ll be notified of new builds via push notifications.

What’s more, you can also provide feedback about builds in Testmagic and see all the collected feedback back in Codemagic.

See our getting started guide here and try out Testmagic for yourself!

How to share builds with Testmagic

With our latest build sharing feature, testing of your Android and iOS builds has been made truly easy, fun and magical. Instead of connecting all testing devices to your account on Codemagic, you can now share the link to download the build straight from Testmagic.

Here’s how to share a build with Testmagic.

  1. In Testmagic, select your app and open a build.
  2. Tap on Artifacts. A list of available sharing options will be displayed.
  3. Choose one of the options for sharing the build. For example, you can share the link with all the people in a Slack channel.
  4. Complete the action. You’ll then see that the message has been sent.

You’re all done! It’s that easy to share downloadable builds to your testers. On clicking the link, users will immediately see a dialog for downloading the app.

Note that when distributing iOS builds, the app will have to be signed with a provisioning profile including the devices to be used for testing.

Where do I get Testmagic

Testmagic for Android is available for download in Google Play Store. Testmagic for iOS will be made publicly available soon. Until then, all Codemagic and Testmagic users are welcome to join our Slack community for Flutter and CI/CD and request an invitation to try Testmagic for iOS as part of the TestFlight beta testers program.

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