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We have updated the "Flutter libraries we love" eBook with 20+ new Flutter packages

We have updated the "Flutter libraries we love" eBook with 20+ new Flutter packages

May 30, 2021

After the successful launch of our first version of the ebook “Flutter libraries we love,” we are excited to announce a major update to it. Now the ebook will have 80+ libraries, i.e., we are including over 20 new Flutter libraries. Along with that, the code snippets of all 11 highlighted libraries are now updated to their latest versions, which support Flutter 2 with sound null safety.

What’s the ebook about?

eBook: Flutter libraries we love

If you haven’t come across this ebook before, “Flutter libraries we love” is an ebook that covers more than 60 Flutter libraries (80+ in the updated version πŸŽ‰) sorted into 11 major categories.

Download Ebook

Whether you are just getting started with Flutter, have been using Flutter for a while, or even if Flutter is your everyday cup of tea, we bet you will find something interesting in our ebook.

Why do you need it?

Let’s assume you have an amazing app idea, and you want to search for some Flutter packages that can make it faster so that you can implement a particular feature.

The site you navigate to is pub.dev, but it doesn’t show categories to let you easily look up the library you want.

This ebook by Codemagic organizes Flutter packages/libraries into the following categories:

  • 🚦 State management
  • 🌐 Networking
  • ✍️ Text and fonts
  • πŸ’» UI/UX
  • πŸ“ Location and connectivity
  • πŸ“· Images and videos
  • πŸ“š Data persistence and file system
  • πŸš€ Animations and transitions
  • πŸ”Ž Utility
  • πŸ— Code generator and build tools
  • 🐞 Testing

For example, if you want to add some nice animations to your Flutter app but don’t know the exact name of the library to look for, just head over to the Animations and transitions section of the ebook.

Here, you will find a highlighted library for which we provide a deep dive (with a quote from the creator) that includes its pros and cons, an example consisting of a code snippet for implementing it, and some references along with a GitHub link to a sample app created using that library.

Highlighted Flutter packages

If this is not the kind of library you were looking for, we have a list of various other libraries in that particular category at the end of each section.

List of Flutter packages

Where to get it?

The “Flutter libraries we love” ebook presented by Codemagic with 80+ libraries is available for everyone here. You will definitely find some Flutter libraries you might not know about, so feel free to check out the ebook whenever you get a chance!

Download Ebook

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