Flutter Talks: Design

Apr 1, 2019

Will Larche, Lead Flutter Engineer for Material Design, and Jacob Kristensen, co-founder of the award-winning Reflectly app, join us to discuss design with Flutter.

Flutter is rich in components and enables developers to deliver on their designers’ vision, but what exactly is it about Flutter that makes all this possible? Flutter enables designers to create beautiful apps and Reflectly has built their own design language with Flutter. This is a big challenge, so take a listen to why Jacob and his team decided to use Flutter and build Reflectly the way they did.

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Among other things, you will also hear on this podcast:

  • What sets Flutter apart from other mobile platforms
  • Why Reflectly decided to switch from React Native to Flutter
  • What advice would Will and Jacob give to those considering a custom UI in their apps

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Flutter Talks is a series of monthly podcasts on Flutter brought to you by Codemagic — CI/CD for Flutter apps.

Guests: Will Larche, Jacob Kristensen
Host: Mike Hoolehan (@ilikerobotz)
Producer: Martin Jeret (@martinjeret)
Sound engineer: Anton Malmi

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