Flutter Talks podcast: Fast, beautiful, productive, open

Feb 6, 2019

On this episode of Flutter Talks podcast, Martin Aguinis, marketing lead at Google’s Flutter team, joins us to unravel the origins of Flutter, the road to Flutter 1.0 and the goals and visions for Flutter’s future.

We take a look at how the values that Flutter holds have influenced its growth over time and if they’ve ever changed along the way.

Flutter Talks, Episode 1: Fast, Beautiful, Productive, Open with Martin Aguinis

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Listen to the Flutter Talks podcast and discover:

  • Martin’s own developer background and experience with cross-platform app development back in college
  • How the community has helped shape what Flutter is today
  • How the four pillars of Flutter — fast, beautiful, productive, open — guide the Flutter team
  • The story of how Flutter got its name
  • What’s in store for 2019

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Flutter Talks is a series of monthly podcasts on Flutter brought to you by Codemagic — CI/CD for Flutter apps.

Guest: Martin Aguinis (@MartinAguinis)
Host: Mike Hoolehan (@ilikerobotz)
Producer: Martin Jeret (@martinjeret)
Sound engineer: Märt Põder

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