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Flutter Talks: Performance with Filip Hráček from Flutter

Flutter Talks: Performance with Filip Hráček from Flutter

Jun 30, 2020

Flutter blurs the lines between designer and developer and endorses a new designer developer archetype. Part designer part engineer, part Picasso and part Pascal. With ambitious designs comes the responsibility to make those designs run on the screen without losing frames.

While Flutter is performant by design, how much should we really pay attention to performance optimisation? In most cases … we don’t. But when the day comes and we start experiencing jank, it is good to know that Flutter has our backs and there are developer tools to test and measure your apps frame by frame.

Your host, developer Mike, and our guest Filip take a deep dive into those cases and explore the wonderful world of performance optimisation. Mike also discovered both him and Filip share an interest in Sci-Fi UI designs!

Also available on iTunes, SoundCloud, Stitcher


Flutter Talks is a series of podcasts on Flutter brought to you by Codemagic — CI/CD for Flutter apps.

Guest: Filip Hráček (@filiphracek)
Host: Mike Hoolehan (@ilikerobotz)
Producer: Martin Jeret (@martinjeret)
Sound engineer: Anton Malmi

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