Flutter Talks podcast: Topline with Abbey Road Studios

Jun 26, 2019

Meet Dominika Dronska, head of Digital at Abbey Road Studios where the Beatles recorded almost all their albums. Using Flutter, Abbey Road Studios have built the award-winning Topline app that lets musicians record their ideas on the go and share them with each other.

Abbey Road Studios already had their iOS app ready before entering the Flutterverse, but quickly after the release, the users started asking for Android. Music creating apps are rather tricky to make on Android because of its fragmented nature when considering microphones and how they process audio, and so making an iOS app before Android seemed very reasonable. Now that the time pressure was on and they were operating with limited resources, they decided to give Flutter a go.

Take a listen and hear about the story of how Dom and the team at Abbey Road Studios overcame various challenges when creating the Topline app with Flutter, still in beta.

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Guest: Dominika Dronska (@socialliseme, @AbbeyRoad)
Host: Mike Hoolehan (@ilikerobotz)
Producer: Martin Jeret (@martinjeret)
Sound engineer: Anton Malmi

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