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Top Flutter tips from July

Top Flutter tips from July

Jul 30, 2020

Use M1 Mac mini VMs by default with CodemagicπŸš€ Build faster

At Codemagic, we strongly believe that in order to build quality apps faster, it makes sense to use the best tools for the job and learn from others.

Once again, we have collected some #FlutterTips shared by amazing #FlutterDev from the community to help other developers speed up their development.

We have smart hacks about widgets, deploying apps, bloc and the biggest announcements from the #flutterverse!
Happy building!

It's time to supercharge your workflow with useful Flutter learnings from the community.
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Twitter tip #1

If you Podfile is not generated properly, follow this workaround:

Twitter tip #2

Did you know that @remi_rousselet has about 1K answers on Stackoverflow? Take this advice and run! πŸƒ

Twitter tip #3

When deploying your Flutter app to the Play Store and App Store, how do you keep your Android and iOS build and version numbers?

Twitter tip #4

A hidden gem here! @erluxman has joined #100DaysofFlutter series and has been posting Flutter tips and tricks to Awesome Flutter Github. 98 hacks and counting!

Twitter tip #5

Autocomplete the widget? Yes, please!

Twitter tip #6

If you need to include an Authorization header in all you HTTP calls, follow this advice:

Twitter tip #7

When you deal with translate method in any String that uses AppLocalizations to translate String, follow this advice:

Twitter tip #8

An easy solution to add some extra security to your app:

Twitter tip #9

Did you know?

Twitter tip #10

VS Code debugging hack to remember to save a lot of time. πŸš€

Twitter tip #11

Did you know about “open in editor” option? πŸ“š

Twitter tip #12

Major updates from the #flutterverse

Flutter on StackOverflow

Flutter has seen incredible growth. Flutter is the most active UI framework when it comes to % of questions on StackOverflow.

Updated pub.dev site

Flutter team released fresh pub.dev site to provide you with a better understanding about the packages and give improved feedback to package publishers.

Flutter quarterly survey

It’s time for Flutter quarterly user survey for Q2 2020 and the results are in!

Flutter web

And the biggest news of them all! Flutter updated their web support and at the same time announced that @Rive_app is fully rewritten in Flutter!

Flutter_bloc library

And some fun πŸ˜€

We too had a joke about Provider, but you wouldn’t get_it.

React Native is better, change my mind.

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