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Top Flutter tips from May tweets

Top Flutter tips from May tweets

Jun 17, 2020

Use M1 Mac mini VMs by default with Codemagic🚀 Build faster

#Flutterverse is constantly growing and doing an amazing job with all their contributions. During this crucial time you all #FlutterDev stayed super active and made great creations. Tips and Tricks around development keep us lazy yet smarter. The lazier you are, the smarter and more productive you become.

Yet again we have collected some #Flutter tips shared by amazing #FlutterDev from the community to help other developers speed up their development.

Twitter tip #1

Additional whitespaces make the layout look awkward so here’s a tip to resolve it:

#App #Widget

Twitter tip #2

Learn how to use shortcuts for commonly used methods and save some time:

#App #Methods

Twitter tip #3

This test shows how to maintain a consistent database during the transition between all routes:


Twitter tip #4

Gradient beautifies the look and feel of any app. ShaderMask makes it easy:

#App #FlutterDesign #Gradient

Twitter tip #5

Mais’ flutter tip tells us how easy it is to achieve that custom MaterialApp theme effect:

#App #FlutterDesign #Theme

Twitter tip #6

Animated dialogues attract more customers. Learn how to animate them and make it fun:

#App #Animation #Material

Twitter tip #7

Thinking about doing animation but it feels like too much work? Flare does it in just 4 steps.

#App #FlareAnimation

Twitter tip #8

Every IDE works differently and often we have to explore the hidden features to utilise it .vscode is one important folder for certain use cases and this step shows us how we can enable it if it’s not present in root project folder

#App #IDEsettings

Twitter tip #9

Reusable code is one of the keys to increase productivity. Code snippets provide that benefit for all the IDEs you use.

#App #IDEsettings

Twitter tip #10

Building Mac OS apps is an emerging trend and people have started taking high interest in it. Official Flutter team #FlutterDev tells you how to enable support for it:


Twitter tip #11

One of the many cool features of async package is that we can cancel a Future or Stream. See how:

#App #DartPackageTip

Twitter tip #12

Dart 2.8 was released. You can get information about outdated dependencies and upgrading them

#Dart #PubDependency

We hope some of these tips help you. Tell us about your experience! If you have some tips or something helpful to share with #FlutterDev, tweet about it and tag us @codemagicio or #codemagicio and we will help make you heard by resharing them.

If you couldn’t read our previous article of #Fluttertips then here it is.


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