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Some content in this post might be outdated. It was written before Codemagic became from a Flutter CI/CD to a CI/CD for all mobile app platforms after introducing codemagic.yaml.
Read more about using this configuration file for building your Android, iOS, Flutter, React Native, Ionic and Cordova apps with Codemagic CI/CD here.

Get additional build concurrency with Magic seats

Oct 2, 2019

We have added a bit of magic to our Teams functionality! Instead of a regular seat in a team, you can now purchase a Magic seat that gives a real boost to your team’s work by adding an extra build concurrency.

What is a Magic seat and how does it differ from a regular seat?

Magic seat is a type of team seat in a Codemagic team.

Any Codemagic user can create a team and invite other users to collaborate on shared projects. Teams of two are free of charge and consist of regular seats, but it’s possible to invite more members by purchasing additional seats. Now, should you buy more regular seats or go for a Magic seat for greater efficiency?

Teams that consist of only regular seats have a build concurrency of 1 so they can run their builds one at a time. This means that if a new commit to the project is made, it cannot be built before the previous build has finished. With Magic seats, you can speed up the process by running builds in parallel.

Each Magic seat you purchase not only enables you to add a new member to the team but also increases your team’s build concurrency by 1. For example, teams with 1 Magic seat have 2 concurrent builds, teams with 2 Magic seats have 3 concurrent builds, and so on. The maximum number of Magic seats per team is 3, but should you require more resources, contact us.

Check out the pricing details here.

Who will benefit from Magic seats?

If you think that concurrent builds offer an advantage to only big development teams, then that’s not quite right. Teams of any size can benefit from this feature.

Concurrent builds can skyrocket your productivity if any of the following applies to you.

  • You build for multiple platforms. You can be a one-man team, but you can get a faster result on your builds if you set up separate workflows for different platforms and build them in parallel.
  • You project has several active PRs. Codemagic can run a build both when a PR is opened and also when it’s updated. Passing the code changes through the CI check is an important step towards closing the PR, and being able to run the CI checks concurrently helps to close them faster.
  • Your project has many feature branches. If your team is actively working on several feature branches, you don’t want to hinder anyone’s progress with long build queues. Remember, time is key to maintaining a competitive edge by delivering new features often.
  • You have an agile development cycle. Teams practicing agile development methods are encouraged to commit small changes frequently. With concurrent builds, you can ensure that your CI/CD pipeline keeps up with the tempo.
  • Your team works on several projects simultaneously. In the case your Codemagic team has more than one shared project to which several users contribute, running several builds at once has an even greater effect for all the reasons mentioned above.


Magic seats enable your team and company benefit from concurrent builds and scale your Flutter projects. With the release of this feature, Codemagic for Flutter CI/CD is ensuring its spot among other mature CI/CD tools. To cut the long story short: If your team works on several tasks at the same time, why shouldn’t your CI/CD tool do the same?

If you have any questions about the feature, don’t hesitate to reach out to us in our Slack community or by writing to

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