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What to expect from NSSpainX 2022

What to expect from NSSpainX 2022

Sep 13, 2022

Written by Rudrank Riyam.

After three years, NSSpain is back with an in-person conference celebrating its 10th year with NSSpainX. NSSpain is one of the world’s most known iOS/macOS-related events, so its return is a big deal in the world of Apple developers.

Codemagic is a proud sponsor of NSSpain, and if you’re coming to NSSpain X, we would be happy if you drop by to say hi at our booth. There you can meet Martin and Liina and get some awesome swags!

Day 0: Pre-conference day with workshops

This year NSSpain starts on September 14th with some amazing workshops, that take the whole day. Registration begins at 9:00 AM.

The new WeatherKit framework and APIs workshop

The first workshop is on New WeatherKit Framework and APIs and is brought to you by Betty Godier. WeatherKit was released this WWDC 2022 for Apple Platforms, and you can use REST API for any other platforms.

Also, after the release of iOS 16 on 12th September 2022, you can subscribe if you need more than 500,000 WeatherKit API requests per month, and the subscription is available to every member of the Apple Developer Program.

KMM workshop: sharing everything but UI

The next workshop is called KMM workshop: sharing everything but UI, and it would be led by Elena Stepanova. Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile (KMM) is an SDK that helps simplify working with cross-platform mobile applications.

As the workshop topic suggests, you can share everything but UI, i.e., sharing the common code between iOS and Android apps for almost everything and only writing platform-specific code when implementing a native UI for iOS or working with platform-specific APIs like ARKit.

Day 1: 15th September

The main event kicks off on September 15 with a welcome note from the organizers, Luis Ascorbe and Borja Reinares. Then come the talks, and even though little is known about most of them so far, except for the name of the talk and who will be giving it, let’s speculate a little and discuss each of the talks in a little bit more detail.

Composable Architecture at Scale

Krzysztof Zablocki talks about the Composable Architecture at Scale. If you are unaware of this architecture, the Composable Architecture (TCA) is a library for building applications consistently and understandably, with composition, testing, and ergonomics in mind.

It can be used in SwiftUI, UIKit, and any Apple platform (iOS, macOS, tvOS, and watchOS). It has gained popularity over the recent years, with many episodes on the Point-Free video series dedicated to it.

Bas: My Accessibility Story

Bas Broek is passionate about testability, accessibility, and user-centric apps. He will share a personal presentation and story, and we cannot wait!

Designing powerful APIs with Progressive Disclosure

On WWDC 2022, Apple released a session on The craft of SwiftUI API design: Progressive disclosure. It was one of my favorite sessions this year, and it discussed how progressive disclosure influences the design of Apple APIs and how it supports quick iteration and exploration.

We look forward to Hiralee Malaviya’s talk on designing powerful APIs with Progressive Disclosure, it’s going to be interesting and useful.

Celebrating App Icon Design

With this talk, Michael Flarup aims to celebrate the craft of app icon design, inspire new work and preserve the history of the art that has lived on our mobile devices this past decade.

Improving the iOS development process guided by technical metrics

As the topic suggests, this talk will be about improving the iOS development process guided by technical metrics. What are the technical metrics? Time for Jessica Hernández Velarde to share!

Living dangerously: The why and how of safely using private APIs on iOS

Apple strictly prohibits any use of private APIs in third-party applications, according to its iOS developer license. But what if you are the kind of person who likes to work dangerously?

Johannes Fahrenkrug takes you through the journey of living dangerously and the why and how of safely using private APIs on iOS. Beware, it is going to be wild!

Swift WebAssembly + GoodNotes, a cross-platform story!

Pedro Gómez talks about the project he has been working on for the last year, using WebAssembly and refactoring a huge Swift codebase to create an awesome product!

This tweet mentions Swift on the browser; sounds exciting!

Here is a case study on Swift & Web Assembly Performance by GoodNotes: Tested and Fixed — A Step Forward in Building GoodNotes Web Viewer

Server-Driven UI, from macOS to iOS

Marcin Krzyżanowski talks about server-driven UI, from macOS to iOS.

Going server-driven is beyond just showing data from a URL request on the UI; it is about using the server to actually build the user interfaces of the mobile apps. So, with the data from the server, you also send the UI for it. It helps to reduce the time for a release cycle where you only have to update the code to make the desired UI changes.

Here is a good blog post to start with: What is Server-Driven UI?

Done > Perfect

What is more important: achieving perfection or getting it done? We can take a shot that Josefina Bustamante will talk about how getting things done is better than being perfect. And maybe about why the former usually is not feasible and why you can achieve much more by finishing it off.

If you are looking for a conference to attend next, she is also co-founder of the largest iOS conference in LATAM, BA: Swiftable!

🍷 Winery!

You’re in Spain after all!

Day 2: 16th September

The perks and quirks of rewriting Calm’s WatchKit app in SwiftUI

From personal experience, working with a watch app has been a pain. It got better going from WatchKit to SwiftUI after I rewrote a watch app to customize the interface with code inside the storyboard.

And well, Alaina Kafkes is also going to talk about something similar, the perks and quirks of rewriting Calm’s WatchKit app in SwiftUI!

365 days of accessibility

If we have to talk about consistency and accessibility, then Daniel Devesa Derksen-Staats is the person we will point to.

Today is Day 118 of Daniel writing a daily tweet about accessibility and iOS with the hashtag #365DaysIOSAccessibility. And guess what, this is the topic of Daniel’s talk!

Also, Daniel is the author of the “Developing Accessible iOS Apps” book, so do not forget to check it out!

Rewriting SoundCloud in SwiftUI

SoundCloud is an online audio distribution platform and music-sharing website working on a huge scale. And rewriting the iOS app in SwiftUI? Well, this one will be exciting!

This talk by Matias Villaverde and Rens Breur is about how they rewrote the SoundCloud app in SwiftUI.

Cross Connection

While this topic was hard to guess, the speaker’s description helped us. Subhransu believes the knowledge he has acquired through various fields is interconnected, and the expertise in one area is an unfair advantage in another. He will share more about it in his talk “Cross Connection”.

Also, Subhransu Behera is the organizer of iOS Conf SG, the first iOS conference of the year, usually held in January. We covered this year the key learnings from iOS Conf SG 2022, and are looking forward to attending it in person in 2023!

⚡️ Lightning Talks and 📸 Photo of everyone

Kids Today!

Rob Napier is known not only for his love for Swift and Go but also for being a mentor and a role model for the younger generation – and the importance of mentorship is what he’s going to talk about.

Crafting Responsive and Playful Interfaces

Adam Bell, as the title mentions, will talk about crafting a responsive and playful interface.

If you have not yet checked out this cool library, it is time to do so! Explore MOTION, an animation engine for gesturally-driven user interfaces, animations, and interactions that works with iOS, macOS, and tvOS; and is powered by SIMD and written fully in Swift.

How to choose the right branching strategy for your team (and why it matters!)

Have you ever used the branch name this-fix-works? I hope not. Because it is not scalable in a team where developers may create this-fix-works-12 too.

Jokes aside, choosing the right branching strategy for your team and why it matters is what Isabel Barrera is going to talk about. A great branching strategy can improve the quality of the work in addition to the positive impact it has on the communication and confidence of the team.

Lessons from Mobile Networking at Scale

JP Simard shares the lessons from mobile networking at scale. He has been involved in many projects like Realm, Jazzy, SwiftLint, Yams, and Swift Unwrapped.

Working at a big company with huge infrastructures requires you to take advantage of modern networking that provides a seamless customer experience. JP Simard works at Lyft and will talk about the lessons from the Envoy Mobile project, a powerful open-source networking library.

Artisan vs Explorer

As NSSPain only gives the names of the talks and leaves the descriptions to your imagination, we had quite a fun time trying to guess what Sash Satz is going to talk about. Is it about the different types of developer characters? Or maybe it’s something less philosophical and more code-related? Well, try attending the talk and see if you guessed right!

URL Routing with NavigationStack

This year, SwiftUI 4.0 released a new API to work with navigation developers who have been asking for years. We even covered it in this article with code examples.

We can guess that Brandon Williams is going to talk about working with URL routing with the new APIs and supporting deep-linking and navigation accordingly.

Also, check out the URL Routing library that provides you the tools for transforming URL requests into first-class data types, and the reverse to turn data back into URL requests.

❤️ Closing ceremony

And finally, with so many amazing talks delivered by some magnificent speakers, it is time for the closing ceremony.


NSSpain has an exceptional speaker line-up this year to celebrate the 10th edition, and we will enjoy the talks and meet developers from around the world!

Also, stay a little longer and enjoy the San Mateo in Logroño, a wine festival. Let’s finish the conference with exquisite 🍷🍷🍷.

If you have any suggestions or feedback, join our Slack community or mention @codemagicio on Twitter

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