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SwiftLeeds 2022: What to expect

SwiftLeeds 2022: What to expect

Oct 10, 2022

Written by Rudrank Riyam.

Short SwiftLeeds 2022 FAQ

  • When: October 20, 2022.
  • Where: Leeds Playhouse, Playhouse Square, Quarry Hill, Leeds LS2 7UP, United Kingdom.
  • What: SwiftLeeds is an in-person conference for iOS developers that aims to be modern and inclusive. It will bring the iOS developer community together to listen to interesting talks on new topics and deep dives into seemingly familiar ones. Quoting their site, this conference will be an opportunity to “chat about all things Swift.” The 2022 installment lasts for one day, has only one track, and is in person only. But there’s still time to buy tickets for SwiftLeeds 2022 if you want to drop by.
  • Why: Visit SwiftLeeds to hang out with the iOS community, learn about new and complex subjects, and wander around Leeds.

Also, Codemagic is a proud platinum sponsor of SwiftLeeds, so come over to our booth to meet Martin et al., chat about everything you’d like, and get some awesome swag!

In the meantime, let’s discuss what SwiftLeeds 2022 is going to be about, go through its schedule, highlight the most interesting talks, get acquainted with the speakers, and build some expectations.

Conference schedule

8:30: Registration starts at 8:30 AM on October 20 at Leeds Playhouse in Leeds, UK. Yes, fellow night owls, 8:30 AM.

9:20: Next, there will be an introduction to SwiftLeeds by Adam Rush, the founder of SwiftLeeds, for the amazing talks ahead.

Building (and testing) custom property wrappers for SwiftUI

9:40: According to the official Swift documentation, a property wrapper adds a layer of separation between the code that manages how a property is stored and the code that defines a property.

Donny Wals will talk about everything you need to know about using DynamicProperty to build custom property wrappers. These wrappers integrate beautifully with SwiftUI’s view lifecycle and environment.

To help you make sure everything works properly, Donny will also offer advice about writing unit tests for your custom property wrappers.

To learn more, read this article by him on the same topic: Writing custom property wrappers for SwiftUI .

Modularization Techniques: from Monolithic to Multi Packages App

10:20: As your app grows and is worked on by many developers, it can become difficult to manage and work on a standalone project. If the project isn’t modular, you may have to deal with long build times, problems arising from tightly coupled code, and difficulty maintaining the large codebase.

Ibrahima Ciss will show you how to design your app in a loosely coupled way and then break your monolithic app into independent modules via Swift Package Manager, with each module doing exactly one thing.

To help prepare for this talk, you can read our article on open-source iOS apps for learning better practices, which mentions modular architecture.

SwiftUI Performance for Demanding Apps

11:30: SwiftUI has been the talk of iOS development for the past few years, and it’s amazing to see large apps like Adobe Bēhance get their navigation infrastructure and main feed rebuilt in SwiftUI.

Aviel Gross will teach you about the best ways to use SwiftUI for resource-heavy and dynamic UIs while maintaining the golden 60 fps.

SwiftUI 4.0 was announced at WWDC 2022 and added new and updated APIs. We wrote an article with practical code examples using these APIs for you to check out!

UI Automation with XCUItest

12:10: UI automation testing helps you to ensure and validate that the app’s UI works as expected and there are no regressions with new changes.

Poornima Suraj and Sanaa Shahzadi will give a duo talk on creating the most efficient UI automation using Apple’s UI automation frameworks.

To refresh your memory about UI tests before this talk, head over to the Apple documentation to understand the different classes and protocols!

SwiftUI, async/await, AsyncAlgorithms: How does it fit?

14:00: Writing asynchronous code with the new async/await syntax has been my favorite part of Swift development over the past few years. Gone are the days of dealing with callback hell.

But wait — in 2022, the Swift team released their new AsyncAlgorithms module, which, according to Vincent Pradeilles, seems like a fully fledged alternative to Combine!

In this talk, Vincent will discuss the current state of asynchronous code management and provides examples of building apps using SwiftUI, async/await, and AsyncAlgorithms.

We’re really looking forward to this talk!

Spark your creativity: the power of iPad Playgrounds

14:40: When you apply for the WWDC scholarship, Apple asks you to create a project in Swift Playgrounds. You can easily experiment within the playground, and with the release of iPad Playgrounds, exploring has become much easier!

In this talk, Anna will explain how she took the opportunity to play around with iPad Playgrounds.

She will aim to help people get past their blocks and embrace a more playful development style!

Testing Asynchronous Code in Swift 5.5

16:00: After a great talk on async/await by Vincent, Allison will take it a step further to demonstrate how they updated their unit testing strategy while adopting async/await in their Combine-based applications at Urban Outfitters.

Additionally, Allison will demonstrate how to use AsyncStream to mock networking calls, update Combine tests with AsyncSequence, and optimize tests by implementing Task functions and phasing out waitForExpectations.

This talk will be filled with tests for us, and we cannot wait for it!

CI/CD (Continuous Improvement, Continuous Discovery)

16:40: At Codemagic, we know that CI/CD stands for continuous integration and continuous delivery.

So what is this new definition by Florian Schweizer?

Every year, Apple introduces tons of new and updated APIs, phones with new features, and even new frameworks! For example, in 2021, we got MusicKit and ShazamKit, and in 2022, we got WeatherKit, SwiftCharts, ActivityKit, and many more.

How do you keep up with so many changes? Florian will share his approaches, highlighting what worked for him and giving concrete examples to motivate listeners to expand their knowledge and try new ways to learn!

Closing ceremony ❤️

And finally, with so many amazing talks delivered by some magnificent speakers, it will be time for the closing ceremony.


SwiftLeeds has an exceptional speaker lineup this year, and we will enjoy being able to listen to the talks and meet developers from around the world!

If you have any suggestions or feedback, join our Slack community or mention @codemagicio on Twitter.

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