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The top 45 must-follow Flutter experts on Twitter
Some content in this post might be outdated. It was written before Codemagic became from a Flutter CI/CD to a CI/CD for all mobile app platforms after introducing codemagic.yaml.

The top 45 must-follow Flutter experts on Twitter

May 20, 2019

The Flutter developer community is strong, vibrant and growing rapidly, with creators sharing tips, news and opinions all over the web.

We asked the community on Twitter and added our personal favourites to the list of top 45 Flutter developers and experts in the Flutter community to follow on Twitter. See the relevant communities and hashtags to start your Flutter journey.

We hope this list will help you find your Flutter role models with their best resources and improve your Flutter dev skills in record time.



The ultimate source for Flutter news and updates, latest crazy hacks and some “boring” Flutter tutorials from the official Flutter account. 48.5K followers have found THE right place to get started.

Dart Language


If Flutter, then Dart. Dart is the official programming language for fast apps on multiple platforms.



If you have seen some really nice animations on Flutter, these have been most probably made with Flare real-time animations by 2Dimensions. They share tips and tricks to make your Flutter app look just stunning. And it’s free!



Codemagic CI/CD by Nevercode is a cloud-based CI/CD tool for building, testing and publishing Flutter applications. Not only do they help ensure your Flutter app is healthy and ready to ship, they also stand behind Flutter and are the first release new features to stay up to date.

Very Good Ventures


The company that seems to have all the Flutter firsts — from the Hamilton app to the Slides at Flutter Live to the KENKEN Flutter web app at IO ‘19. Very Good Ventures is a technology consultancy in NYC that focuses on Flutter and has a deeply experienced Flutter team.

Other notable hashtags to follow: #Flutter #Flutterverse #Flutterista #BoringShow #FlutterOnsite

Flutter team

Eric Seidel


Being the brains and co-founder of the Flutter project, Eric is the best guy to explain how the Flutter project came to life and what’s the purpose of Flutter. In this episode of Coffee with a Googler, Eric Seidel introduces the story of Flutter.

Tim Sneath


Tim is the Group Product Manager for Flutter and Dart. Creative, positive, a strategic thinker with a reputation for achieving high-quality results under time pressure. A true IT veteran. Before starting at Google, he spent 17 years in Microsoft building high-productivity tools for developers. He’s the greatest Flutter advocate there is. Watch Tim presenting Flutter 1.0 on Flutter Live here.

Filip Hráček


Filip is a Developer Advocate in the Flutter team. Not only does he make sure that relevant people know about Flutter & Dart, he also makes sure that people use it correctly. He runs the Boring Flutter Development Show and builds various projects for fun, like the Flutter demo app Entire history of humanity seen at Flutter Live and the @year_progress Twitter bot, just to mention a few.

Matt Sullivan


Matt Sullivan is a Developer Advocate at Google where he leads Developer Relations for Flutter. Previously, he worked on Android and Wear. He’s a bit of a language geek and is thoroughly enjoying adding Dart to his portfolio of languages to write cool things in. And did we mention that he has a black belt in live coding? Check how Matt is live coding a working dial in less than 10 minutes at MWC19.

Nilay Yener


Nilay is the Developer Relations Program Manager for Flutter and Dart. She’s the key person building up Flutter communities all over the world, in essence, the mother of the Flutter community. Follow her to keep up with the Flutter community members, meetups and latest news. Nilay shares her experience about how to build a worldwide community here.

Martin Aguinis


Martin currently leads Marketing for Flutter at Google. He was previously on the YouTube team working on VR. Before Google, Martin started businesses in the events and ride sharing field. He is originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and loves to travel. Listen to the Flutter Talk podcast hosted by Nevercode which featured Martin as a guest.

Chris Sells


Chris is a Google Product Manager on the Flutter development experience. Another tech veteran in the list. Before joining Google, Chris was a contributing member of the Windows developer community for more than 20 years, including 3 years at Intel and 8 years at Microsoft. He has an extensive blog about various technologies, he often wraps up his ideas on Medium and has written a dozen books. Listen to the It’s All Widgets podcast with Chris here.

Kevin Moore


Kevin in his own words: “I’m a Product Manager at @googleworking on @dart-lang. I focus on web technologies and our package ecosystem”.

Will Larche

Another Flutter hero on the list is definitely the Lead Flutter Engineer at Material Design. Will does not have a Twitter account, but his talks on YouTube are definitely a must to keep updated with the design world. Check out a short interview with Will to start with and a podcast where he talks about Flutter design.

Flutter has taken community by storm and there are many awesome Flutter devs who are organizing meetups, provide solutions on StackOverflow, write helpful tutorials and share tips and tricks to build Flutter apps faster. Let’s meet them!

Remi Rousselet


Even if he’s modest about himself in his bio, he’s one hell of a Flutter fan. Over 500 answers, being the Top Answerer on StackOverflow, he knows the subject. Or is determined to find answers. He’s been interviewed by the It’s All Widgets podcast here.

Salih Guler


Salih is a Berlin-based Android & Flutter developer who follows all the cutting-edge technologies for the mobile world. He also likes sharing his knowledge with people by mentoring aspiring developers, creating study groups and blogging. Founder of @FlutterGermany and co-organizer of @FlutterBerlin

Rohan Taneja


Works as a Software Engineer at Delivery Hero in Berlin. He loves speaking about Flutter at conferences . He’s also a Flutter Evangelist and got featured on It’s All Widgets.

Iiro Krankka


A Finn residing in Denmark. Iiro is a passionate mobile developer who has fallen in love with developing robust mobile apps for Android and iOS. Creator of inKino, a multi-platform Flutter/web app. He’s currently building cross-platform mobile apps with Flutter and Dart at Reflectly. Sometimes blogs at Flutter Rocks. And he’s the first one to try out Flutter updates in real life - “From mobile to web in less than 4 beers”.

Andrea Bizzotto


Andrea thinks that Flutter is the future of mobile app development. He is the creator of codingwithflutter.com where he teaches Flutter by showing the code step by step and explaining the design decisions behind it.

Marcin Szałek


Marcin is a Computer Science student who runs an awesome mobile app development blog where he shares some of his Flutter (and other) experiences. He says he is just a just a normal guy who happened to put his thoughts into the internet.

Pawan Kumar


Pawan is a passionate Flutter, Android & Xamarin developer who is always excited about learning new technologies as well as mentoring and helping others getting started in their programming career. Pawan is a GDE (Google Developer Expert) for Flutter and a blogger. Founder of MTechViral & starter of the Let’s Flutter with Dart Facebook and Slack Community. You can also often find him presenting about Flutter at conferences.

Nick Manning


Senior software engineering mentor, writer, software craftsman and entrepreneur for over 20 years who fell in love with Flutter. Creator of http://fluttercrashcourse.com for learning Flutter from scratch.

Norbert Kozsir


Just as many others, Norbert fell in love with Flutter from minute 0. He’s an active member of the Flutter community, currently involved in building a Flutter desktop embedder & experimenting with the idea of a Flutter IDE. Machine-Learning enthusiast. Read his ideas here: medium.com/@norbertkozsir

Nash Ramdial


Nash writes code for computers and articles for humans. Born and raised in Trinidad, he fell in love with coding at the age of fourteen and has worked in both web and mobile development ever since. Nash is the Lead Editor of Flutter Community on Medium; co-host of the weekly, international web conference “HumpDayQandA” and an Administrator of the Flutter Study Group (FSG), a Slack group inspired by the Android Study Group.

Frederik Schweiger


Frederik is a mobile software engineer from Germany who has worked with companies like Google, Trivago and Vodafone. Cofounder of #overmorrow and the flutter.school. Contributor to Flutter Medium Community.

Romain Rastel


Developer, speaker & Flutter advocate from France. Founder and co-organizer of Flutter Rennes User Group. Regular contributor of Flutter Community Medium account. If you are still not sure about Flutter, check out the article he wrote on how he fell in love in Flutter and why you will too: https://medium.com/@lets4r/the-fluture-is-now-6040d7dcd9f3

Deven Joshi


Deven is a Google Certified Android Developer. Speaker and blogger for Flutter and Android. Loves coding, AI and chess. If you want to learn more about Flutter, make sure to check out his Medium account: medium.com/@dev.n

Sergi Martínez


Sergi is a developer with more than 15 years of software industry experience — and is now working on the Android platform with a strong focus on localisation projects and tool development. Writes about Flutter regularly on his personal blog https://sergiandreplace.com and is the author of Flutter Weekly, a curated roundup of Flutter-related content.

Pooja Bhaumik


Pooja Bhaumik is a designer-turned-developer who has been crafting Android applications since high school. She is an early Flutter adopter and respected community member who loves to share her insights through blog posts, public speaking and open-source contributions.

Brian Egan


Brian is a front-end developer with Android, web and Flutter expertise. He previously worked on popular applications for SoundCloud and Zappos as a Senior Engineer and Tech Lead. He’s currently working with Google to create the Flutter Cookbook and actively develops several open-source libraries, such as RxDart, Redux.dart, and the Flutter Architecture Samples.

Swav ‘RoboToaster’


Swav is leading the Android Community of Practice at The App Business. He’s a computer enthusiast since the 80s, now a Flutter GDE. He shares all the learnings from his commercial and non-commercial development experience on his blog and Twitter account. A true Flutter fanboy.

Hillel Coren


Co-founder of invoiceninja.com and itsallwidgets.com. Always trying to become a better human, husband, father, musician and programmer. Regularly covering all Flutter-related topics on his personal blog at hillel.dev

Tony Owen


Tony is an experienced Android and iOS developer from UK. He’s sharing experiences and practical advice on his Medium account. Make sure to check it out!

Didier Boelens


IT consultant from Belgium with more than 20 years of experience. A software architect and Flutter enthusiast. Also, check out his personal blog didierboelens.com for detailed step-by-step instructions on various Flutter topics.

Scott Stoll


Scott Stoll is a freelance Flutter Developer, author and public speaker from Cleveland. He is the organizer of GDG Cleveland, creator of #HumpDayQandA and an editor at Flutter Community on Medium.

Simon Lightfoot


Simon is a software developer and co-host of Flutter Widgets. Regularly weighs in on a number of topics, including Flutter tips, widgets and hybrid app development. Co-founder of Flutter Study Group on Slack and Buccaneer Tech.

Robert Felker


Robert is a developer and the founder of the excellent https://github.com/Solido/awesome-flutter which features a range of Flutter development topics. Creator of @FlutterBordeaux. A creative mind and problem solver gathering knowledge to execute and deliver.

Paulina Szklarska


Flutter and Dart Google Developer Expert, working as a Flutter Developer. Has experience in creating, testing and analyzing mobile applications. Paulina leads GDG and Women Techmakers groups in Wrocław. She actively blogs about Flutter and speaks at international conferences.

Jorge Coca


Creative software engineer with a strong background in mobile development and REST services. Defender of Agile methodologies, TDD and continuous integration processes. Currently building a Flutter project at BMW Chicago. Chicago Flutter Community organizer (one of the most active meetups we have seen!).

Felix Angelov


Felix is building awesome stuff at BMW Chicago. He also has the most extensive list of Flutter block resources for Flutter and he sure know how to use them, take a look here.

Martin Jeret


Chemist turned into business dev at @Codemagicio, your friendly neighbourhood CI/CD service for @flutterio. Chasing green builds until color blind. Martin is actively attending Flutter meetups to open up the power of a dedicated CI/CD tool. If he’s not chasing green builds at Codemagic Flutter Community Slack, he is humming blues or playing chess in the park.

Kamal (whatsupcoders)


Kamal is an active Flutter developer with Android background. Her Youtube channel Whatsupcoders offers you tons of free tutorials related to Flutter and helps you build real Flutter projects. What could be better than learning Flutter with step-by-step video guides?

Rody Davis


Full Stack Polymath Programmer. His areas of expertise are native mobile, web and hybrid apps. Understands the beauty of automation and seems to be a true space fan. Not only built Space Curiosity App on Flutter, but rumors go that there is more to come. He also built the award winning app for the 2019 Flutter Create Contest, so we’re definitely excited about what’s coming next.

George Medve


Head of Mobile Engineering @MailOnline. Organiser of @FlutterLDN. You should definitely follow him if you need some Flutter advice around UK.

Yury Camacho


Experienced Mobile Application Developer with a background in Kotlin, Flutter, Google Cloud Platform, Hibernate, Mobile Applications and Java. He’s an international speaker with more than 30 talks about mobile development. Founder of @GDGCochabamba

Ahmed Abu_eldahab


Google Developer Expert. Founder of @FlutterEgypt. Nice introduction, how Ahmed became a Flutter developer and why he loves it.

Bhavik Makwana


Android and Flutter developer from Ahmedabad, India. Currently working at Simform Solution pvt ltd and co-founder of Flutter Ahmedabad.

Lara Martin


Lara Martin is a self-made Android developer currently based in Berlin at Blinkist. Her passion for Android made her transition from her background in science to software development. When she’s not attending a tech meetup, you will find her playing video games.

Here’s a nice talk with Lara about Flutter and more.

Dominik Roszkowski


Full-time Flutter & Xamarin developer from Poland. Crafting cross-platform mobile apps at Leancode and sharing Flutter hacks on Twitter.

Mariano Zorrilla


Lead Android Engineer at HighSide with more than 10 years of Android background. Mariano is the co-Founder of FlutterDevsBsAs, EsFlutter, gdgriodelaplata and he loves to create games with Flutter. This is his experience from zero to multiplaform Flutter game in a week.

Bapusaheb Patil


Google Certified Android Developer turned into Flutter enthusiast. Bapusaheb has contributed a few top articles for Flutter Community Medum account (https://medium.com/@bapspatil ) and featured in this Flutter Onsite video as a Developer Expert.

Also, his app Kut In was featured in Flutter Create’s Highlight Reel and he runs a beautiful looking website.

Aloïs Deniel


Aloïs writes about himself: “I am a french cross platform mobile developer working at Orange Business Services and founder of a company. The tools I use everyday are the Google (Flutter, Firebase) ones for development and Figma for prototyping and UX/UI design phases, but I love discovering other tech related areas on my spare time”. And he runs website full of useful stuff for Flutter devs and check what he submitted for the Flutter Create contest.

Thomas Burkhart


Xamarin and Flutter developer, amazed by Flutter. Occasionally shares his tips on Flutter on medium and his blog. Also, Thomas shares pros and cons of Flutter and Dart on Gone Mobile podcast.



Indie Flutter developer, moderator of /r/flutterdev and Flutter Discord group.

He occasionally shares his live coding adventures on Twitch TV and co-author of #DevJamPod.

Really fresh breeze of Flutter feed!

Your turn: Which Flutter experts have helped you the most and who do you recommend following on Twitter? Please let us know in the comments!

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