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React Native experts

Top React Native experts to follow on Twitter

May 3, 2021

React Native is an open-source mobile application framework created by Facebook, Inc. Having been around since 2001, the React Native developer community is strong, vibrant and growing rapidly, with creators sharing tips, news and opinions all over the web.

There are thousands of apps being built with React Native. According to JetBrains' The State of Developer Ecosystem 2020, 42% of developers use it for their mobile apps.

Take a look at the beautiful apps that have been built with React Native.

We asked the community on Twitter about the top React Native developers and experts in the community to follow on Twitter and added our personal favorites to this list. See the relevant communities and hashtags to supercharge your React Native journey.

We hope this list will help you find your React Native role models along with their best resources and improve your React Native dev skills in no time!

React Native


The ultimate source for React Native news and updates from the official React Native account. 109.4K followers have found THE right place to get started. Make sure to follow and stay updated!

Eli White


Eli White is one of the best React Native experts out there. As a Software Engineering Manager working on React Native, Eli has a natural zest for sharing his React Native expertise.
Make sure to follow to get the hottest and latest React Native updates, like this deep dive into some of the expected JavaScript API changes or this podcast on Principles and React Native. Eli can live on ice cream but thrives on pie.

ReactJS News


If you’re interested in React Native, then following ReactJS News is a must! ReactJS News is a community-driven site where anyone is welcome to contribute by sending a pull request on GitHub. It has more than 143K followers and is definitely one of the most diversified channels for React news and articles.

William Candillon


When asking the community about the best Twitter accounts to follow as a React Native developer, William’s name came up quite a few times. William is the creator of the “Can it be done in React Native?” YouTube series. It’s a really inspiring way to learn React Native and keep up with the pace.

Take a look at how to do “That animation from The Office” and “Running React Native on Nokia 3310”.

These videos are a real treat for those who would rather watch than read!

React Status


A simple feed with daily bites on the latest React and React Native news, links and tutorials.

React Native Firebase


React Native Firebase is the officially recommended collection of packages that provides React Native support for all Firebase services on both Android and iOS apps. It is authored and maintained with love by Invertase, who are building awesome open-source products.

There are a lot of useful use cases and documentation on the React Native Firebase website.

React Native Community


The official account of the React Native Community organization. Join its 10K followers for updates and new releases!

Callstack Engineers


The Callstack Engineers Twitter account is a real treat for React Native developers!

Callstack is an official partner with Facebook on React Native. They’ve been working on React Native projects for over five years, delivering high-quality solutions for clients and contributing greatly to the React Native ecosystem. Their open-source projects help thousands of developers to cope with their challenges and make their work easier every day.

Make sure to check out their blog and subscribe to their newsletter!

Did we also mention they organize the biggest React Native conference held in Europe? Yes, they do! And you can check out all the previous talks on the Callstack Engineers Youtube channel.

Mike Grabowski


Mike is the CTO and Co-Founder of Callstack. He is a React Native core contributor and the author of libraries like RNPM and Haul. Mike makes sure Callstack’s infrastructure performs well to its limits. He frequently writes and speaks about this framework and contributes to various projects.

Download Callstack’s ebook, The Ultimate Guide to React Native Optimization.

Mike is also an organizer of React Native EU, the first conference in Europe dedicated solely to React Native. When he’s not working, you can find him on a race track! 🏁

Infinite Red


The States have their own group of React Native experts called Infinite Red, a friendly React and React Native team! These mobile app and web designers and developers are located across the USA.

The team behind Infinite Red is contributing greatly to the React Native ecosystem. They are the creators of the Red Shift blog, which covers topics like app and web design, remote work, React, React Native, Node, AI/ML, TypeScript and much more!

Their monthly React Native newsletter with more than 12K subscribers is run by Jon Major, Senior Software Engineer at Infinite Red.

Tune in into Infinite Red’s weekly high-quality @ReactNativeRdio podcast, which has more than 197 episodes and is not showing any signs of slowing down.

Also, did we mention Infinite Red organizes the Chain React conference in Portland?

Michael Chan & React Podcast


Michael is the host of @reactpodcast and the React Native Podcast Discord “lightning talks.” Michael has recorded around 123 episodes with React Native top experts so far. Every episode covers a unique topic, such as modern web development, open source, career, and being human.

Michael has also started Lightning Talk Extravaganzas on Discord. Each talk is just five minutes long! Check out the upcoming events, and make sure to subscribe to the podcast here.

Sebastien Lorber


Sebastien Lorber has little to share about himself: “I help startups be highly productive with React and React Native.” But don’t be fooled. This Java/Scala developer turned React/React Native developer has been an early adopter of React Native since 2014.

Take a look at his talk at React Europe 2020, “Jamstack + React Native,” and follow his LinkedIn for daily React posts… in French! Sebastien is also curating a weekly React newsletter called React Hebdo, which is full of React Native tutorials.

A real treat for French-speaking React developers!

Fernando Rojo


Fernando is a React Native Developer and an open-source contributor to React Native libraries. After releasing his first library, called Dripsy, which improves responsive design in React Native applications, he’s back with something new for animations. These days, he is working on Moti, which is a “universal animation package for React Native.” Make sure to check out his profile and hit follow.

Evan Bacon


Evan is open-source developer at but also a professional lego master builder! Follow him to get a closer look at how to use React Native for web and Expo to create comprehensive web apps! Take a look at this React Native Panel (Error Stack Traces) talk presented at React Day Bangalore or this Expo for web presentation at React Europe.

Aman Mittal


Aman is a full-stack developer currently working as a Developer Advocate at Draftbit. He blogs about node.js, React, React Native and Expo development. You can find all his React Native-related entries here.

Aman has an impressive record of maintaining and contributing to open-source projects. (He was awarded among the Top 200 Open-Source Contributors by in 2018) Aman has written over 150 blog posts and complete tutorials with more than 2.5 million views on Medium.

His content is definitely a good source to take advantage of to keep up with your React Native skills. You can subscribe to his weekly newsletter 👉

Catalin Miron


Another rock-star cross-platform developer who shows ways to improve your React Native skills on his YouTube channel. Catalin mainly covers React Native and animations.

This UI designer turned React Native developer is currently working at Skype! Make sure to check out his profile and give him some credit for the enormous amount of work he’s doing!

Your turn: Which React Native experts have helped you the most, and who do you recommend following on Twitter? Please let us know in here!

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