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Write for us! 10 hard-to-argue arguments for writing for Codemagic

Jan 18, 2019

Did you know that 62% of Flutter developers agree that there's not enough high-quality content on Flutter?

That's why Codemagic CI/CD has become one of the top source to learn about Flutter, best practices about mobile app development and hottest features of the flutterverse. To keep up the standards we are looking for talented coders and writers to join our forces and to share your experience and latest discoveries with fellow Flutter enthusiasts.

  • Writing articles can be your one time challenge or turn into a full-time job.
  • Topics vary from Flutter, CI/CD & hottest new features. But there's always room for your ideas and topics.
  • We offer editing assistance. We understand that grammar is nice but sometimes it can get on the way of beautiful code.
  • Be exposed to thousands of Codemagic subscribers ( and expect some heavy Google traffic. We have some SEO skills and we are not afraid to use it )
  • Get rewarded

If that's not already a winning argument, here are 10 hard-to-argue arguments for writing for Codemagic.

1. High-quality content

Codemagic is on a mission to deliver high-quality Flutter apps in record time. Therefore, the aim of our blog is to educate and cultivate discussion among Flutter developers. We are not going to deny it:

We are in love with Flutter and we're excited to see it grow into a first-class citizen among other cross-platforms SDKs.

2. Wide list of topics

Codemagic blog will cover topics from how to get started with Flutter to how to become more productive in Flutter app development. Share your knowledge to highlight any activities developers may pursue that increase their effectiveness and ability to innovate. Here are some topics to inspire you; however, feel free to submit your own favorite.

  • CI/CD
  • Flutter
  • App development
  • Agile
  • Devops
  • Integrations
  • Productivity
  • QA

3. There's always something new to test

If none of these topics inspire you or you have covered them already, then you can always turn to us and test our latest integrations, or just ask and we will find you the hottest keywords in the field.

Not only will we help you craft a SEO proof article, you will be soon nailing Google search too.

4. We love to hear your personal story

Every developer has their own story and reasons to choose Flutter and implement CI/CD into their pipeline. And these are inspiring stories!

Share your story with us and other aspiring developers:

  • Why Flutter?
  • How Flutter has boosted your mobile app development?
  • Why use Codemagic CI/CD for Flutter projects?
  • What were the main challenges that made you look for a CI/CD tool?
  • How is Codemagic resolving these problems?
  • What are the latest integrations/features on Codemagic that are most beneficial for you?

5. We love articles that are actually useful

In general, we are much more interested in articles that provide a detailed exploration of a particular topic rather than a high-level executive summary. That said, if your article contains a broad overview of a whole area of mobile development, or if you are comparing multiple alternatives, breadth can compensate for lack of depth.

Use your best judgement, but please don't send us light superficial content that doesn't go beyond what a few minutes of Googling would yield.

6. We accept re-publishing

You have written a kick-ass blog post and had it published on Medium or somewhere else. That's fine by us. We are delighted to share any good content with our users. Just shoot!

7. Grammar is important… and so are editors

We wholeheartedly welcome diverse writing styles, as long as clarity and technical accuracy are not sacrificed for their sake. Even if you do not have tons of previous experience, we welcome you to share your stories. Don't worry if your writing abilities are not among the best- selling authors - we won't turn down good content due to poor presentation. Quite the opposite, we will help you improve it.

8. We don't count the words

Aim for 1000-2000 words. We'll take brevity and clarity over word count any time. If you find your article running over the limit, we will bend the limit 🙂

To illustrate the point, add code snippets and screenshots to the post. Screenshots not wider than 650 pixels and readable are our favorite.

And did we say, we love illustrations and infographics. Well, we do!

9. Be ready for massive traffic & some Google fame

That's right! Codemagic together with Nevercode has an extensive list of social followers and we are proud to share some good stuff. Your blog posts will be included in our monthly newsletter and shared on our social media profiles. Not to mention that we share the best reads in our growing Slack community of Flutter enthusiasts.

10. Submitting your post is damn easy

You can submit your article by sharing it via a cloud-based service (GDocs, Gist, GitHub, etc), or just drop us an email. To get the deserved praise, please include a short bio in the email.


We value your in-depth articles and personal stories and we also value your expertise and time. We don't only pay in exposure, we also actually pay for your writing.

If there's still some questions unanswered or you have some ideas to discuss, please get in touch with us at

Thank you!
Team Codemagic

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